Design thinking is a creative way to problem solve. 
Through a series of design challenges, this course prepares students to lead teams in envisioning new ideas by using both creative and strategic skills and developing innovative solutions to real-world design issues.
Module 3: Design Activity and Discussion - Ethnography
For our first design activity and discussion of the course, I’d like you to practice ethnographic research. I’d like you to find 3 people you can interview for 20-30 minutes, twice each for a total of 40-60 min per person, 2.5-3 hours overall.
Your goal is to understand the motivations behind people who love chocolate.
Also, be sure in this interview to understand their lives. Are they busy? Do they have a lot of stress? How do they relieve stress? What role does food play?
Module 3: Design Activity and Discussion - Shop-A-Long
The next design activity I’d like you to practice with is a shop-a-long. A shop-a-long is a form of observational research. The goal of this activity is to gain empathy and understanding of others. Normally you are shopping along with somebody, but for this activity, just put yourself in the shoes of your consumer.
I’d like you to go to any grocery store or supercenter and imagine you are shopping for yourself for the week, but you can only afford $25 a week on groceries. Do your grocery shopping. Don’t forget to consider meals and snacks.
Module 4: Design Activity and Discussion - Brainstorming
For this design activity, you will practice planning for and conducting ideation. This is yet another activity that will require enlisting the help of people you know, so start planning early.
I’d like you to conduct a brainstorming session with at least four other people, but no more than 10. For this exercise, you’ll be tasked with coming up with a new variety of Starburst. The goal is to plan and lead the ideation session to generate the ideas.

Part 1
For the first part of this exercise, you should plan your brainstorming session. What stimulus do you need? What exercises will you create?
Part 2
Once you finalize stimuli and exercises for the brainstorming session, you should then actually lead the session. ​​​​​​​
Module 5: Design Activity and Discussion - Marshmallow Challenge
For this design activity, I’d like for you to participate in the Marshmallow Challenge. If you’ve never heard of it, that’s great. If you have, then you might want to act as observer and facilitator. This is another activity that will require interacting with (yes!) real people—as well as purchasing a few simple supplies—so plan early.
Module 5: Design Activity and Discussion - Wallet Challenge
For this design activity, I’d like for you to complete the wallet challenge. Please refer to this workbook for instructions: An Introduction to Design Thinking In One Hour from Institute of Design at Stanford.
Follow through all the steps with the goal of designing a wallet for somebody. You’ll have to find one or two people to interview, so start planning early. The workbook is a guide and I recommend that you use it, but you don’t have to turn it in. Note that the time estimates in the workbook are for a rapid-fire assignment. You don’t have to spend more time, but don’t feel obligated to only spend one hour.
Design Portfolio (MPDC-600-101) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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