A few pics of me to show my journey from childhood to now.

From scribbling on my parent’s wall as a kid to creating designs
on the computer and striving to be a better designer.
I have always enjoyed art from an early age. My earliest and fondest memory of this happened when I was four. I scribbled on the living room wall and then later tried to draw a slide on my parent's wall in their room the same day. I was so excited and ran to show my dad, who was on the phone. He didn't whoop this time, but instead, he gave me a pail of water and a sponge and told me to wash it off. I scrubbed for hours, and the crayon never came off the wall. My parents kept the scribbles on the wall for years and years until they finally painted the rooms.

I became interested in Graphic Design from an early age. My dad bought my brother and me sports posters and pennants. I would try to recreate these posters by drawing and tracing them. The different posters of my favorite athletes caught my eye. I didn't know it was called graphic design until the eighth grade when I discovered my two uncles were doing freelance work. At that moment, I decided that this is what I want to do. This love of graphic design has stayed with me and grown and, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.

My lifelong passion for art led me to major in Graphic Design when I began my undergraduate studies at Concordia University Wisconsin. Since going to Concordia, I have learned to mature spiritually, mentally, academically, and personally, be self-disciplined, and do things for myself. Ultimately, my goal was to find a job as a graphic designer. However, after graduating, I struggled to begin my career.

After years of underemployment, I recognized the need to further my education – to supplement my bachelor's degree with knowledge of website design and familiarity with emerging multimedia forms. It was then that I decided to pursue an associate's degree at MATC in Visual Communications.

Most of my spare time was spent in magazines (reading and looking at the articles' layouts). During my first semester at MATC, there were flyers around campus to join the MATC Times. Something told me to join the school newspaper. I eventually joined in March of 2012 to learn page layout and understand grid systems. Later that summer, I became the Online Editor. The rewards for some may be few, but those few are gratifying. To, first of all, see the finished product and realize I had a part in its creation. I understand the changes in my course as a discovery of where my true inspiration resides, and it has been the people along the way who have helped me shape this journey. Although I have encountered difficulties, my passion for art and the goal of building a career as a graphic designer remain intact.

For years I was trained as a graphic designer. However, I have noticed the need for multi-skilled designers. The graphic design industry has changed rapidly. Designers have to be versatile and multi-skilled in today's industry by learning emerging forms of digital media design. Many companies want designers to know UX Design, HTML code, video, and multimedia. With the changes in the industry, there is also a greater need for collaboration and strategy. As the industry changes, I want to evolve with the changes by continuously challenging myself. I hope to one day mix different types of media to communicate ideas locally and internationally. 

I enrolled in the Design Management & Communications program at Georgetown University to gain knowledge, advance my career and be a creative leader. During my time in the grad program, I learned something I was not familiar with called human-centered design. After graduation, I've been studying branding, creative strategies, Design Thinking, and UX Design.  The skills learned in this program helped me live out my life's purpose in utilizing my skills and giving back to my colleagues and community. I want to grow professionally by implementing innovative ideas. 

St. Augustine once said, "Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; others need the remainder." I believe that one purpose in life is to develop our gifts and share them with other people. I want to grow and learn new techniques to prepare me for the next stage of my life.

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