Artist Statement from the Synergy Senior Art Show in undergrad.

"The Introvert with a Creative Impact"
from Visual Persuasion & Promotion (MPDC 610-101) - Six Word Bio Exercise
My tagline represents my profession and personality trait. I do a wide range of projects at work. My job title is a graphic designer; I also do video and code ecards. Graphic design is something I practiced for a few years it comes naturally. I work with extroverted and ambivert people. My work environment could get very loud at times. In my other two classes, I’m learning about how designers are changing the world in small and significant ways.  Similar to the way Jay-Z puts time and dedication into his craft, I try to do the same in my creative pursuits.
 Choosing Typeface Exercise
Visual Persuasion & Promotion (MPDC 610-101)
Assignment: Using Illustrator, set up a single page. Write out the trait in the font that best visually represents the trait and identify the font off to the side. 
Mood Board Self-Portrait Exercise
Visual Persuasion & Promotion (MPDC 610-101) ​​​​​​​

Sports teams have game plans for victory. This mood board represents my daily game plan. I try to treat each day as a game. The pictures are black and white for consistency. Red is my favorite color, and I also used my ideal typeface Chaparral Pro. The burlap is a reminder never to forget my humble beginnings. The anchor is my faith and my core, which keeps me grounded. I'm very introverted; the comfort zone meter is a representation of me trying to get out of my comfort zone. There is no dress code at my job, but I wear a tie three times a week. 
"Go Fast. Go Hard. Finish. Win the Day" 
I'm a college football fan, and this was Oregon's mantra. There's a YouTube video of Eric Thomas giving a motivational speech in Oregon's Autzen Stadium about their mantra. After hearing it, I adopted Oregon's slogan for my life. A few years ago, I worked as a UPS package handler, and during every shift, that slogan would run through my mind. My goal is to do my best and to work hard.
"Fight On"
"Fight On" is USC's slogan. Those words over the pictures symbolize me showing up every day. Keep fighting even when my day or game plan is not going as planned. There's a Milwaukee Braves hat in the background. When it's above 40 degrees, I usually wear a baseball hat with current and former Milwaukee sports teams, to remind me where I came from.
Fly Around and Soar
My dad always told me to have fun before my football and basketball games as a kid. In college, my coaches would always ask us to fly around the field. Which means to play hard, have fun, and don't be afraid to make errors. I put those words over an F-14 Tomcat, the fighter plane used in my favorite movie Top Gun. The fighter plane has weapons, missiles, and rockets for combat. Weapons represent my skills.
Stay Hungry
I hear a lot of motivational speakers use this phrase. While at UPS, one of my supervisors called me a dog. The gray wolf is my favorite animal and a representation of my doglike work ethic.