I came a long way... When I was in middle school, I kept getting "D's" on homework assignments. My dad once said, "I don't have anybody named Dennis in this house! D is for Dennis! Your name is Charles!"
My dad's statement was a rallying call to get good grades. Basically, he was saying if you're not getting an "A" for assignments at least pass with a "C." I was never the smartest student in the room. My goal was to get "C's" for grades. Then work my way up... baby steps. Riverside University High School in Milwaukee, had something called Renaissance Club where they recognized students for getting over 2.5 GPAs. My goal was to make Renaissance Club. It was a step below the honor roll. Eventually, I started getting 3.0s. I graduated and got accepted into Concordia University Wisconsin majoring in graphic design. I struggled with the courses, I had an eye for design but struggled with concepts. In my last two years, I got inspired to be my best by my parents, brothers, football coaches, and friends. When I took my Marketing minor courses my career outlook changed. I learned how graphic design was used for business and advertising.
Fast forward to 2017, I did my first cross-channel marketing campaign. I was shocked that they let me do a recruiting campaign. I stayed after hours working on the design and concept. The campaign went well but there was something missing. It didn't really connect. That's when I realized that I wanted to continue my education. Out of all places I enrolled in the Design Management & Communications at Georgetown University. I was shocked I got in!!! I wasn't the smartest student... I tried to give it my all with each assignment and project. My passion for design fueled me to get my Master's degree. When you enjoy doing something it can carry you to places you never thought you can go. That's me standing in front of Healy Hall. As we marched out I pretended to tie my shoe but instead, I reached down to feel the ground. I couldn't believe I was actually on campus about to walk across the stage. 

Below are some projects from my time at Georgetown (I will post more soon).

Georgetown University's Design Management & Communications program brings together the worlds of creative management, design thinking, and business strategy, our master's degree program extends beyond the limits of traditional design programs. You’ll develop a holistic understanding of creativity and the design process while mastering the managerial insights and leadership strategies needed to deliver business-focused outcomes.
(Taken from the Georgetown DMC website)

After going through the program my confidence was boosted and became a better designer.

A proposal for a new brand extension (a new line of products or services) for a company, with insights and thoughts on why the brand should go in this new direction. 

Developed a creative campaign based on a classmate's strategy brief.

Developed a creative campaign based on a strategy brief.

My go-to brand project.

Design and layout of 3-4 panels telling a visual story

A new approach for a product I'm not interested in using.

Research (and then sell) a fruit or vegetable exercise. 

Continue the campaign by devising two additional ads for it. 

Rebranded rand a product primarily through language.

An ad project creating a user-friendly expression that could sell your product.


A magazine ad or special topic or section that might be covered by the magazine. 

An advertising idea based on why people want soft facial tissue. ​​​​​​​

Headline and image that communicates this is how your pain feels for an over-the-counter national brand pain reliever ad idea. 

Logo improvement project for a magazine. 

Page Layout - Revamped traditional, formal documents with the power of visuals.

First Design Assignment - Single page layout to access our skills.

This is a poster for an upcoming event that demonstrates my understanding of design principles, grids, and typography.

This visual project demonstrates your understanding of color fundamentals and strategies. I added a color strategy to the typography-based poster.

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Demonstration (“how-to”) video for social media showing a product or process from start to finish

Group video project - collaboration and management styles.

Design Portfolio (MPDC-710-101) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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