Assignment from Instructor: This is a culminating visual project that not only challenges you on typography, color, and branding but also presents you an opportunity to revamp traditional, formal documents with the power of visuals. You will learn and create statistical charts and tables, edit and place photographs, and incorporate branding strategies in your multi-page document (print or digital). I want to highlight this visual project now because you will work on it throughout the course.
If you have access to your own organization's reports, you are encouraged to redesign its executive report for this assignment. Alternatively, as a Georgetown student, you might choose to design an executive report that could benefit the community in some way, particularly underserved populations. This could be accomplished by designing your report for a socially responsible organization or NGO. Lastly, you may also choose to redesign one of the attached reports. 

The preferred programs for this project are Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

1.    Use InDesign to create a multiple-page Executive Report that's versatile for print and digital media  
2.    The document size is 11*8.5 inches (letter), Orientation: Landscape
3.    The Report must contain photographs and charts. You may use Internet photos for educational purpose. Sources must be cited
4.    The Report must be seven pages or longer, including a front cover page

5.    The final document should be submitted as a PDF

1.    Title
2.    Folio (Publication date, etc.)
3.    Masthead elements (Report creator's info)
4.    Page number
5.    Headlines and bylines
6.    Photos, photo captions, and credits
7.    Infographics (Charts)
8.    Branding elements


My executive report is from the Brennan Center for Justice. Attached is the front cover and a few content pages. The main thing I wanted to do was to change the typography throughout the report, from a serif font to a sans serif font. A sans serif font will be more appealing to a younger audience and might encourage them to vote. On the front cover, I used some monochromatic colors to give it a more modern feel. I also designed a logo incorporating a voter box with a check mark. I used the photo to show symbolism. I wanted to focus on the American can flag and a young voter waiting in line by removing the color from the background.
Visual Communications (MPDC-520-102) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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