Assignment from Instructor: In this assignment, you’ll combine a number of skills we’ve been working on (modes of persuasion, storytelling, copywriting, composition) with type & image selection and design.
As we know, the ad idea serves as the catalyst for what you write, how you visualize it, and how you compose any ad. Together the headline and image communicate the ad idea. To jumpstart this assignment, I’m providing you with the ad idea:
Select an over-the-counter national brand pain reliever. Research the pain that the brand you selected targets—for example, arthritis pain, headache, etc. Imagine a metaphor for a specific type of pain. Can you think of an image in combination with a headline (or with no headline) that communicates This is how your pain feels. Your target audience should be able to identify with the metaphor. What will be implied is that the brand will relieve the pain.

As a former athlete, I would rub this on my legs before any game or practice. This helps loosen the muscles. In the ad, I wanted to show how IcyHot felt on my legs using visual effects. For the headline, I chose Gotham, which is a strong sans serif font. At first, the headline was the focal point of the ad. To make the headline less dominant, I lowered the opacity. I wanted to make the athlete more prominent, by lowering the opacity in the headline.
Visual Persuasion & Promotion (MPDC-610-101) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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