Assignment from Instructor: In this assignment, while the actual task is important, I’d like you to really focus on using creative thinking techniques to get there. If you’ve never tried using graphic organizers, for example, try one out! Your task is to design and layout 3-4 panels to tell a visual story. The panels might be a story that could be used on a popular social media platform like Instagram. Think of this like you would a comic strip or storyboard, use these frames to set up the conflict/problem and resolve it. This concept is in between a still ad and a motion ad. It requires you to think about how to keep the audience’s attention one frame at a time and persuade them to slide to the next panel to see how it resolves.
This assignment asks you to incorporate concepts from past modules like story structure, typography, and persuasion into a graphic scene. The design challenge is to create a journey for the viewer and establish a clear call to action on the final panel.


For this assignment, I used a fake real estate ad. This will be a 15-second commercial with a voiceover in the background. The voiceover would be a client testimonial about John Carver. I want this to be a social media ad. The first frame would show the headline. I used bold text over the red shapes to draw viewers to the ad. To make the viewer stop instead of continuously scrolling. I used three frames to show how a real estate agent helped this family find a home.

Visual Persuasion & Promotion (MPDC-610-101) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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