Assignment from Instructor: The objective of this visual project is to demonstrate your understanding of design principles, grids, and typography.
You will design a poster for an upcoming event. Type is the only visual element you may use for this design. A grayscale version is required. The preferred program for this project is Adobe InDesign.
Technical Requirements
1.    The event must be real and forthcoming. (Ideally, you will be able to use this project to promote the event.)
2.    The only design element that can be used in this project type. In other words, whatever is available from your keyboard. No images, such as photographs, clipart or symbols/logos will be allowed.
3.    Set your page size to Tabloid (11X17 in portrait or 17X11 in landscape orientations).
4.    Color: Grayscale. Design your poster in black & white first. Learn to use grays.
5.    Submit the final work as PDF.

I wanted to have fun with the project and do a sports poster. The Brewers were in the playoffs. The Bucks just built a new arena in downtown Milwaukee. For the typography, I used a typeface similar to the Bucks' actual typeface. The script font gives the poster contrast and it’s a representation of the city of Milwaukee. In the center, the black shadow is actually the word “Bucks.” The “Fear the Deer” slogan act as a texture in the background.
Visual Communications (MPDC-520-102) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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