Assignment from Instructor: Assignment: Look at the language the brand is using on its packaging (if there is any), in its stores, on its website, and in its ads. Start looking, also, at the brand’s competitors. Do they have distinctive voices, can you say? Your goal will be to “wrap the brand in language,” i.e. create an effective voice that is different from the way competitors sound.
Using a voice you have found/created, start wrapping your brand in language; that is, instead of branding (rebranding, in your case) the product primarily through graphics, brand it primarily through language: wrap the brand in language. What should you turn in? I’d like to see one of each of the following:
1. social media ad
 2. out-of-home ad (outdoor boards, bus cards, transit posters, etc.)

For this project, we had to establish a brand's voice. I chose Toastmasters and focused on making a powerful headline. In my deliverables, I used imagery to support the headline.
Social Media Ad
Bus Shelter Ad
Design Portfolio (MPDC-710-101) from Georgetown University's Master's in Design Management & Communications
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