Video Editor was another aspect of my job. I was responsible for editing and filming company videos. My biggest strength is putting different ideas together into one cohesive video.

Golf Outing
This video promoted the company's golf outing for Christmas is For Kids. I was responsible for taking pictures, and filming, and editing the video.
Recruitment Videos
A production crew shot a longer video for the company's 75th Anniversary. The Director of Career Development picked out the parts the company wanted to use. One issue was those videos had background music. I also had to find the raw video and add new background music. We re-created the videos using raw footage from the production team, company photos, and b-roll video. My job was to shorten the video into clips that highlight the company. I was responsible for editing and incorporating the b-roll and photos throughout each video. 
Habitat for Humanity
On August 2nd, the Shorewest Family teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to start construction on a duplex in the Prairieville Village neighborhood of Waukesha. Shorewest is proud to give back to the communities we serve, and we cannot wait to see the completed home!
I was responsible for putting together the reel below.

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Maximize Your Profit
Last spring the VP of Marketing (my boss), asked me to create a video in a program for the spring marketing campaign. When I saw my co-worker’s Animoto video posted on Facebook I wasn’t going to create one. My boss convinced me to still create the video. I sat on the couch in the lunchroom for inspiration. An IT guy randomly walked in the lunchroom, turned on the TV and left. The commercials helped me get a start, most of them used moving text and graphics over a colored background. On the lunchroom there’s a wall with a bunch of words aka the word cloud. My former co-worker designed the wall, with each word describing the values of the Shorewest. She mixed font weights and sizes to emphasize a word. We used a similar concept to place the text throughout the video. I used Premiere but made the text in a After Effects template. The hardest part was syncing the text with the voiceover. Eventually, I got away from the text and used imagery. Ideas would pop up in my head and I worked them into the video. I found stock videos with green screens and used the actor from a Shorewest commercial. We tied it back to the marketing campaign by adding graphics from the postcard/social media graphic.
Instagram Recruitment Video
During the pandemic, I edited a recruitment video for Instagram. The target audience was young adults or anyone looking to start a real estate career. We couldn't go to the offices due to the state and company mandates. The agents shot and sent us their own videos and I pieced them together. I was responsible for editing the video.

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I Used To Be Video
The “I Use To Be...” video was created to show that real estate agents come from all walks of life. Before joining agents had other careers. We used agents that currently worked at Shorewest. This was created using Adobe Premiere. I was responsible for editing and shooting the video.
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